Pups deserve a holiday too!

It’s not always easy to find a place where you can relax with your dogs, and let them join in your holiday activities, but at the West Highland Way Campsite, we are very relaxed about pets – which our dog-owners love…

As dog lovers ourselves, we know that your pet is part of the family; and just like their owners, dogs love the chance to explore new places and meet new people. (and fellow fluffy friends!).

small dog sitting on a deck chair
Little ‘Bean’ enjoying some downtime at the West Highland Way Campsite

Pets are welcome anywhere on our campsite, and we also have pet-friendly hotel rooms, for those who prefer their creature comforts. You’ll also find water bowls stationed around the grounds, regularly topped up throughout the day to ensure that pets are well-hydrated. Further, if you’re missing anything, we’ll always do our best to help you out.

Plenty of great dog-walking routes

As we are located on the footpath of the West Highland Way, you need only turn out of the entrance to our campsite to find yourself directly on beautiful countryside paths. For those of you who are passing us on your West Highland Way hike, you are welcome to pop in and fill up on water, charge your devices or enjoy a snack at our cafe, before heading off again.

Our dogs, Oscar, Izzy, Basil, Sybil and Manuel love meeting new people…

Great for socialising your pets

Dogs, like people, have their own unique personalities, and our campsite is a great place for them to get used to being around other pets.

We often see shy pets come out of their shells over the course of their holiday, as they make friends of their own.

That said, please do keep an eye on overly nervous pets, however, as many of the dogs who visit can be quite outgoing!

A dog-friendly holiday for the whole family

One of the most common things our visitors say is that our dog-friendly campsite is like no other in how it welcomes their treasured pooches.

In fact, being able to bring along the whole family, and to relax with your dog – without worrying ‘if they’re ok back home’ can make a holiday complete!

West Highland Way Campsite: a place for the whole family

If you’d like to take your fluffy family members with you on a camping holiday, our dog-friendly West Highland Way Campsite is the perfect place.

We are located in the heart of the Scottish countryside with stunning views of the surrounding mountains, and plenty of shaded seating areas for you and your pets.

We also have lots of picnic benches around the campsite, where you can take your meals if you prefer to eat outside with your dog.

Around us, you’ll find woodland walks, hills to trek and lochs to walk around, as well as the beautiful village of Blanefield to explore.

Things to remember:

Don’t forget to pack everything you’ll need for your dog, including food, water, toys, and a first-aid kit, containing a tick remover, and any medication your dog needs.

Please keep your dog in your vehicle until you have checked in, so that you can fully attend to it once you are in your accommodation.

Take it slow. Don’t expect your dog to adjust to a new environment straight away. Give them time to get used to their surroundings before you start exploring.

Have fun! Holidays are a great time to bond with your dog and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Large or small, your dog is always welcome here:)

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dog sitting in the shade of a tree on a summer's day
A few quiet moments in the shade…